Attitude is Everything: Keeping a Positive Mind in a Chaotic World

Attitude is Everything: Keeping a Positive Mind in a Chaotic World

Keeping a Positive Mind in a Chaotic World
Keeping a Positive Mind in a Chaotic World

The world we live in is full of chaos and uncertainty, so it’s no surprise that negativity sneaks into our outlook from time to time. However, it’s so important to remember to seek out the silver linings no matter how crazy or messed up a situation may seem. Attitude truly is everything. 

In Feng Shui we talk about your MAN LUCK and that is so important – it is 13 of the luck we have when we talk Feng Shui.  Attitude along with action are what makes MAN LUCK so powerful.  

But, how are you supposed to keep a positive outlook when it’s unclear what the future holds and negativity is all around you? Here are 5 ways to keep your head up and your mind right in times of chaos.  


Feed your mindOne of the best things you can do to maintain a positive outlook is to feed your mind positive, inspirational content on a daily basis. This can be in the form of books, podcasts, Ted X talks, YouTube Videos, blog posts etc. The list is endless. Search for content that inspires you to laugh, smile and see all the good this world has to offer. By making this a daily habit, you ensure that you keep a positive attitude even in the midst of chaos.  This year use up the energy in the East for learning, study and your creative pursuits.

Watch Who You Hang Around

When life gets tough, as it sometimes does, it’s so important that you surround yourself with people that will support you rather than bring you down. Be super intentional about the people you allow into that circle. Distance yourself as much as possible from those who tend to bring drama and negativity in your life. Set strict boundaries and be firm, even with family and friends. Relationships are so important in Feng Shui and the areas this year that are being affects are in the South West with marriage and partnerships.  Families and Elders energy is in the East and it will be so much easier to keep a smile on your face, when you surround yourself with people who have your back and don’t add to the problem.  


Help Others

It’s nearly impossible to have a bad attitude, when you are being of service to someone else. Simply knowing that you are making an impact on someone else’s life is enough to give you a sense of peace you won’t find anywhere else – and there are so many ways to do this.  Volunteer and give to a charity of your choice, pay for someone’s meal in the drive thru or simply mow your elderly neighbors grass. Giving your time and energy to something bigger than yourself will help you maintain a positive attitude and put a smile on someone else’s face. In Feng Shui that’s a win-win and there is no better Qi (Chi energy) to build than good karma Qi

Exercise More

Exercise moreSimply make an effort to move your body for 30 minutes every day. Take a walk, go hiking, swimming, or even try your hand at yoga. The options are limitless.  Studies have shown that routine exercise releases endorphins into your body which automatically puts you in a better mood. Not only will your mental health improve with regular exercise, but it will keep you in better shape as well. This is another great way to build your own personal Qi (Chi energy).


Remember in 2021 your home has the Nobel Qi coming in through the South and our Victory Qi in the center of your homes.  Great spaces to work on your Feng Shui Karmic Qi.

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