clearing yourself moving through the new year

Wow, we are certainly moving through the new year with January almost under our belt, February is the alternate start of the New Year for me.

I am not sure how your year is going so far, if you are anyone like me you have not had a chance to really notice that we apparently missed the January 1 start date to 2019. Now what.

 Let’s face it.  Who can be ready 6 days after Christmas with the list we give ourselves to be prepared for the New Year’s Eve?

  • 2019 Plan including family, work, joy, holidays, retreats, unexpected events, volunteer work, friends, weddings, milestones, (no order here)
  • Goals sorted – large, small and all in between
  • Diary updated – teams diary updated, hubby diary-collaborated with your own including their dreams, aspirations and things to do this year
  • Clutter gone, spring clean done, home and office ready for the welcome mat of 2019

Bloody hell that’s exhausting.  Where do we give ourselves the chance to reflect and space for our mind to evaluate 2018 and think without pressure of how we would like to see our 2019.

7 days – never going to work for me.

For some of us we have just experienced our busiest few months and I know I am not alone. For some there is no break time, so why do we really add so much pressure.

I just want to scream when I decide to just check out my social media for a quick look and we are bombarded with Have you Missed your New Year Start – its been its gone.  Who decided that was how we are meant to do this?

Who decided that January 1 was the only start date we get?

I speak with so many these days and the stress they are creating just be thinking January 1 is the start gate, if we miss it the year is gone, done and we cannot possibly achieve what we wanted. Too many just let it go and decide 2020 I am going to be ready.

You think.

This is what I know I can tick off my list at the end of 2018 and start to prepare for 2019

  • December for us is our Pop-up store and is an absolute blur. In that time, I get to connect with the most wonderful people and customers, it is our catch-up time with you all.  Like many of you December is the time of year you are in the biggest business growth period of the whole of 2018.
  • We (do our best) fit in Christmas, family and a breath.
  • January is the time for the traditional spring clean of our home and life.
    • How many of you have woken up and decided today is the best time to get in, move out what does not resonate with us in our homes or offices and its time to make room and space. We feel over loaded and overfull.
  • January can be a time for more family for some of us,
    • The back-yard BBQ and impromptu catch ups
    • Spending time with our grandkids as we know they will be starting school soon and we will have less free time with them as we do now.
    • Time at the beach or in our case Nimbin
    • Time for sleep overs and adventures.
  • January is a time for family that travel to spend time with us that we do not see often enough.
  • January is a time to reflect while sitting in a large outdoor bubble bath with a cool glass of your favourite looking at the night sky (possibly swatting some mosquitos) thinking about the year that was but allowing yourself to dream of the year that is coming.
  • January is a time to take time. Take the time.

I always find that when I have taken the time to

  • Clear out my thoughts on 2018 – yes this does bring some tears, questions and a lot of joy, the therapy of this is enormous. Evaluating this time does make planning for 2019 seem more effortless and streamlined.
  • Clear out my home of the things that no longer have a place there or the energy is not what we now need in our home
  • Check off the list of friends, family and grandkids activities I choose to do
  • Take part in some volunteering with events that are special to me
  • Work with our beautiful clients getting their homes ready for the New Chinese Year energy
  • Take a break with my hubby to a spot on the map which this year was Nimbin
  • So that I have a clearer idea of what is coming in 2019 before I get too deep on the planning:
    • Book in my Astrology Reading for 2019 so I know what the year energy will be, where to dig deep and where to really shine
    • Book in my Universal Mentor Guide for some insight and to open my universal connection and knowing
    • Get back to the gym – okay this one has been harder, need a stronger commitment, a work in progress.

I am then ready to prepare my home, diary and life for 2019 with ease and joy. 

The year just seems to fall into place.

7 days – not here I need a full 37 days and not one day less.

Join me over the next week as we start to prepare our homes for the Chinese New Year energy of the Earth Pig.

We are going to take time to let go of what does not serve us and bring in the energy that is going to make 2019 our best year yet.

Prepared Feng Shui-ing.


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