How To – Salt Water Cures

How To – Salt Water Cures

How to Salt Water Cures - Old and NewSome of you have asked for the information on Salt Water cures so here it is.
These go into the center of your spaces for 2022. You could add one into the South West as well if you would like some extra support for the unwellness Qi.
If you know you home Bagua and have any #5 ENERGY you are sleeping on or living on then you can place one in that area also.

Make sure the size of the jar you decide to use is large enough for the area you will be placing it in.

Remember every home will have both negative and positive energy.

Yin and Yang.

The Salt Water Cure is fast becoming very popular within homes to assist in removing of negative energy.

You should have removed your old cures from your home and if not then today is the day to do that.

Make sure you do not keep anything from your 2021 cure.

Wrap it up and then place it in the bin. Coins and all.

I always give it thanks for taking care of us for the year when placing it in the bin.
Then replace your cures – here is the info below.

Take an older glass jar and plate or tray – not one of your precious pieces as you will be throwing it away when you are finished with it at the end of the year.

You will Need:
Pure Rock Salt or Himalayan Salt
6 Chinese Coins

Take your jar and add salt to ¾ of the jar.
Add your 6 Chinese coins with the symbols to the top.+
Place water in the jar to fill.
Put the jar onto a plate or tray.
Place the Salt Water Cure into the South West of your home and the center for 2022.

How do you know if you have it in the right place?
It will start to crystallize and create salt crystals around the top of the jar and depending on the amount of crystallization it can flow over the jar onto the tray or plate.

Do not place the jar on good furniture or anywhere it will leave a mark.
If you find that you have a lot of crystallization on the jar, then you can replace it more often during the year.

To remove the jar from your home be sure to place the jar and all its contents and the tray into a plastic bag, tie the top and place directly into the bin.

Replace when needed.

salt crystals on the jarHappy Feng Shui ing
Leanne and Team Feng Shui

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