How to Calculate your Ming Gua - Kua Number (Power Seat)

How to Calculate your Ming Gua - Kua Number (Power Seat)

Ming Gua - Kua Number Calculator.

This is one of the most important energies for communication this year.

Your Kua Number is a tool that gives you the right directions you need to be facing for important meetings, conversations and relationships and your health. 


It’s your “Power Seat”.

It is the energy that provides you almost that socket to plug into and gain more energy, clear thinking and confidence when you need it most.  If helps to create a charge of knowing that you have got it and you are going to succeed in what ever it is you are working on.

How to Calculate your Ming Gua - Kua.

For Females:

For Females:

1. Add the numbers of the year of birth and bring it to a single digit. #2

2. Add your single digit to the number # 4

3. Add this number together to form a single digit. #6

4. This is your Kua number. #6

Note: if you are born after the year of 2000 then you need to change the #4 to the number #5

For Males:

Add the numbers of the year of birth and bring it to a single digit. #7

2. Deduct your single digit from #11

3. This is your Kua number. #4

Note: if you are born after the year of 2000 then you need to change the #11 to the number #9

Note: if you are born after the year of 2000 then you need to change the #10 to the number #9

NOTE:  be aware if your birthday date is before February date of Chinese New Year in that year – your birth year will move to the earlier year.

E.g. 30 January 1964 becomes 1963

DO NOT FACE the East this year even if your Kua number is one of the directions due to the Grand Duke energy there this year. You do not want to face him head on - keep your back to the  East.

Below is the Chart directions for everyone.  Simply circle the Kua number that matches you and take note of the directions for each area.

I have added a template in below for you to either copy or draw up so that you can have your own chart for keeping on you for reminding.


You can print this chart off and keep as your guide or draw one up.

Now take your directions and circle your area in each section. 

Take a photo of your chart and keep it with you wherever you are.


Ming Gua - Kua Chart

Specific Meaning and Purpose.

SUCCESS.  – My Power Seat

This is the direction you need to be facing – as in looking towards this direction. This is an awesome tool especially for your home or work office.  Look where your desk is positioned, which direction you are facing? 

You may need to move your chair slightly; you can use any of the other directions you have that are positive,  to give you your most positive direction if your Power seat direction is not possible. 

Use it in board rooms or just having a conversation with a specific client or partner and you need to have success on your side.

You will use this direction for things such as

  • Important meetings
  • Financial meetings
  • Employment and career meetings
  • Projects you need a win
  • Securing new client work
  • Anything that is associated with your business and personal success.

Anything that you define in your life that you need to be successful at, then this is the direction for you at that time.


HEALTH – WELL-BEING. – My Wellness Seat

This is the direction that you use for how you sleep.  You have the crown (top) of your head towards this direction while you are sleeping.  Another way to do this is the head of your bed is against the wall (solid wall preferable) in this direction of the house.

This is our restoration of well-being direction.

One question I get asked so often is – “What if my partner and I have different directions?” well I always believe that the person who is most important in your family, as in they are bringing the bacon home or they are the major contributor to the home should have their direction first. 

Now let me say here before you get a little worried that you do not count in this process – you do – but who do you feel is the one who is going to be missed and bring the family the most drama if they are not able to contribute.

In my home we are lucky we have both got a metal element number, but I would put Rob before me because he has a much more labour-intensive role than I do and he needs great health and energy to do that role.

Do not let the direction become a big matter for you, it is simply working out a wholesome approach to who needs the support.  You can always change to give everyone some good energy. It is not the money making energy but it will help support you in having the energy to make abundance - what ever that means for you.

If someone is unwell then I would also look at how you can help their energy by placing them in a better position while sleeping. 


LOVE.  My Connection Seat.

Oh, this is the one I do love the most and the one I check in on often! This is the direction you need to be facing – as in looking towards this direction.

It is not just about our partner love, but it is about relationships we have with many people.

You can use this direction for:

  • Speaking to those we have an intense deep affection
  • Speaking to those that you love such as partners (make sure they are facing their best love direction as well)
  • Speaking to family members – always a good direction for those hard to have conversations.
  • Speaking to those we have an interest with
  • Speaking with those we work with – it brings the conversation from a deeper place for you – more centered and controlled.
  • Those hard to have conversations with anyone really – again will bring us in from a more centered and controlled conversation space.

While in this facing position we are reminded of our communication and our communication is much more supported.

Communication has been a huge quality last year and this year and something that is very important as we move into Period #9 in 2024.  How we communicate is changing and will change even more as the energy around us is changing.



Love this one too.  This is my profoundly wise direction of self.

This is about reaching your full potential whether that be your knowledge, personal, emotional, or physical.  It can even be when we want to take our intentions and soul to the next level.

Great space to face while meditating or working in your journal. 

This brings me my sensibility and saneness.

This is the direction you need to be facing – as in looking towards this direction.

You can use this direction for:

  • Undertaking anything that involves your personal growth and knowledge growth
  • Great in an office space
  • When you are studying
  • When I need some sound judgement on anything
  • Meditating and journaling
  • Attending workshops and spaces of new learning.
  • Our children who are at school – great if they can face this direction while learning.
  • Children study areas within the home.

The below directions are considered to be less favourable than our ones above.  How you manage these directions will be the key to not allowing things to get out of control. 

Remember where you can use the above directions to face and sleep and where you can use your space energy - Feng Shui Flying Stars to utilize the best energy in rooms that you are in. 

Your Human Qi will also play a huge role in how this all works out for you and how your make the most of the successful directions you have.


UNLUCKY DIRECTIONS. My less desirable for my greater good seat.

As with everything in Feng Shui there is always going to be the Yin/Yang, Positive/Negative energy and we have that with our directions as well. Ancient Chinese philosophy says that these directions can bring misfortune – I like to focus on the positive ones at the top and do my best to be in those directions.  Unlucky are the directions that I always say are less desirable for our greater good.

Let us face it we cannot always get the best spot but a little further on I have given some tips on how I do that.

I find that if I am facing any of these, I can often have the following knowing:

  • I feel uncomfortable – unsure of myself or the space
  • I feel I am not in my power space
  • I feel less confident in the words I want to speak with and use and can often create a situation with those words I am sorry for later
  • I know that the direction I am facing is extremely negative and I need to leave it.
  • It can be a feeling of dis-empowerment and lacking.

Now while these directions can put me off my game, I have a method that will get me back on point and into the game quickly!  I can do this even in a public space so great for meetings.

  • Take a minute and just center yourself.
  • Take a deep breath right down into your belly and slowly release it
  • Always carry a clear quartz crystal in my pocket and take it in my hand while centering myself.
  • Another great tool is the Qigong power lifter.  This is a great one for building your energy power center.  Sit in a chair and breathe calmly.  You then take your hands and place your fingertips together, so that the tips are just touching.  Place hands in front of your stomach.  While you are breathing in take your hands apart slowly and follow the intention of building energy, then on the out breath bring your fingertips back together again.  Do this several times until you feel centered and calm.


  • I know them off by heart and you will get to know them this way also
  • I always get to my meetings early so that I can get out my compass (yeap carry one with me everywhere) and find my Power Seat. You will get to know the feeling with this seat and find that after time you will just know the direction you need to sit in.
  • When planning to speak the hard conversations that is exactly what I do – I plan so I can make sure as many of those around the table are also facing their best directions.
  • As I said earlier Rob gets the Health direction but when I am travelling which I do a lot I always make sure I get myself in my directions. This can be sleeping across the bed which I have done when away on my own and needing to have my best “ME” present the next day.
  • I Trust that things will be as they are.  I always know that the universe has my back, nothing that is meant for me will go past me and if it does it was not meant for me.  I need to get ready because something better is about to arrive.

Happy and Successful Feng Shui ing


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