Finding Your Peach Blossom for Romance

Romancing Feng Shu ing

The one question I get asked the most – “How do I enhance my romance luck?”

In China the Peach Blossom plant represents romance.

There is a little bit of calculating to do with your charts to get your exact point in your space, but

to simplify things I have put a chart here for you to work it out quickly and to find the location.

You will first need to know your Chinese Zodiac Animal so that you can use the chart then you just need to find the direction in your home.

It is said to not over stimulate your area so 1 statue, painting, or emblem is all you need.

Too many can bring in a third person which you do not want.

You can also use this method for Business Success as well,

new opportunities, and growth.

Happy Feng Shui ing