Finding Your Peach Blossom for Romance

Finding Your Peach Blossom for Romance

How to find your partner with Feng Shui -

The one question I get asked the most“How do I find the partner best suited to me with Feng Shui?

First lets look at the energy in our home for 2022 and where this energy is for romance.  For the annual energy it is located in your South East of your home.  This is the compass direction of South East.

Here we have wood element and wood element combined and in 2022 we have a stronger than usual yearly annual as the energy is all located in the original Lo Shu so it is even more auspicious this year.

The romance energy combines with creativity so use this energy to find ways to attract your new partner or ways to excite you current relationships.

If this is your bedroom you may want to make sure you have an open room with your bedhead on a strong solid wall, pairs of items to bring the universal energy into couples thinking and you could even add in a pair of mandarin ducks to complement your intentions.

These little ducks are maters for life and they represent the intention of a long relationship and togetherness.  Travelling on the same journey together breast to breast.

If it is your living space then make sure you have space for the Qi to flow.  Open this area up and make room for this energy to travel through your spaces and bring you auspicious qi.

Remember - the universal is listening to all that you are saying so be sure to use positive and encouraging words when talking about your relationship.


Never tell others what you want them to forget - I remember once a good friend of mine told me constantly how her hubby was just so not doing things right.  Now I do not mean he was treating her badly but he was doing as she wanted as far as attention and loving. 

She told me constantly she was leaving him - but then they reconciled and it took me ages to clear my head of all her negative chatter so I could come to appreciate him again for her. 

It was a very good lesson for me to learn also and I am so conscious of watching what I say to others about Rob especially if it is just one of his annoying little habits that I truly know one day when he is gone ( if it is before me to another universal space)  I am going to miss like crazy.

So back to our South East - add in some wood element if you want to strengthen this area or some water element but careful of the fire and metal element. 

If you feel like it is over stimulated and you have too much wood and water in there and you have more admirers than you need than you could bring in a touch of the fire element just to settle it down but only after you have removed the water or extra wood that you can from the area.

In China the Peach Blossom plant represents romance. So hence we say in Feng Shui - finding your Peach blossom. 

This is the Chinese Zodiac who compliments your zodiac the best, with your personality and the energy that you bring to each other.

There is a little bit of calculating to do with your charts to get your exact point in your space, but

to simplify things I have put a chart here for you to work it out quickly and to find the location.

You will first need to know your Chinese Zodiac Animal so that you can use the chart then you just need to find the direction in your home.

Then, how do you enhance your peach blossom with Feng Shui. 

You simply find your Chinese Zodiac below and the Peach blossom that goes with it.

It is said to not over stimulate your area so 1 statue, painting, or emblem is all you need. Too many can bring in a third person which you do not want.

You can also use this method for Business Success as well, new opportunities, and growth.

Remember that all the zodiac just like humans have positive and not so positive traits and we want to compliment an other person by bringing out the better side of them.  There is also the human Qi effect which will have a lot to do with how your relationships eventuate as well.

How much energy you place in your relationships? 

How much time your give to those relationships?

How you treat those relationships? are all factors in the success of a relationship with another person.

Another formula we use in Feng Shui is the calculation of our Ming Gua or Kua number - this gives us the element we are and our destiny numerals which also give us traits about ourselves and how we can compliment others.  Worth checking this out also for an additional tool to use when working on your relationships.

Happy Feng Shui ing

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