How much is enough? Can you really have it all?
You May Not Have It All, but You Can Have a Lot

Fitting in with my Simplifying Life plan now, I came across this thought and wanted to share and see what others were thinking.

Can you really have it all?

Maybe or maybe not.

But deep down do you often wonder the question?

However, for me its been lately,

How much is enough?

What is your measure of enough and enough of what?

For me I know there’s a lot I can do, but there’s a lot I can’t do, too.

There are several reasons why:

There’s only so much time available
  • There’s only so much time available – Everything requires time.

So for me its what time do I have and how and what do I want to break that time up for.

What’s most important to share my time with.

    • You don’t have enough time to have everything you want. What do you want the most?

Yes, we can slow time down and give ourselves more space but at the end of the day there is only 24hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per yearoh except every four years we get an additional 24 hours and day to our year.  

  • Some things can’t coexist – I find myself saying this a little more lately. But then I think its because I have a much clearer idea of what I want. Things and time I want to be coexisting, or not.

Its like a “Time Life Audit“. I have been working on this for the last month and have found it awesome. 

    • Certain activities just get in the way of other activities.

Have you ever found that yourself?

How many activities can you get done at once?

I have found that by reducing the tasks at hand at any one moment I am actually getting more time in my day and accomplishing more. 

  • Your talent and skills aren’t unlimited – Focus and work can overcome a lot, but they can’t overcome every obstacle. Talent is not irrelevant
  • Emphasizing one thing leads to sacrificing other things.
    • Any time spent on one area of your life, leaves less time for other areas of your life. Often there is a sacrifice to be made, or at least I have found this.

I came to the realization quite suddenly that I am not yet capable of being in 2 places at once – oddly enough. 

  • Sometimes it’s too late – If you’re 38-years old, you’ll never be the youngest person to scale Mt Everest. But that’s okay! There are plenty of things you can do that will fulfill your passions!

What it takes to have a lot and by this I mean your “LOT” your enough.

your LOT your enough.
  • Set your priorities – It becomes necessary to prioritize your time and activities. Consider the most important things you want to have and achieve.

  • Determine what you’re willing to let go of – Prioritizing doesn’t just mean deciding what’s important. It also means deciding what you’re not going to spend time on anymore.
  • Allocate your time accordingly – Once you know your priorities, use your time accordingly. If you’re ever confused about what to do, remind yourself of your priorities. Ask yourself how you can best use your time according to your priorities.

The idea that you can have and accomplish everything you want is a myth, or is it?

A few things I do know though is that having it all is complicated and the one thing.

I have learned is that my goals that fit my values are so much easier to achieve than my goals that do not fit those values.

You can still manage to have a lot. Having a lot means prioritizing how you spend your time.

Wasting time is the ultimate way to limit yourself.

Spreading yourself between too many objectives is also detrimental.

What is it you want? Keep these ideas in mind and make it happen!