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Chinese Zodiac - Rat

Chinese Zodiac - Rat

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Zodiac - Chinese -   Rat         #17I

Description: The first of the Chinese Zodiac.
Feng Shui Meaning: Buddha said he would provide an order to the animals starting with who would cross the river first. The clever Rat asked the Ox if he could ride on his back as he was so small, the generous Ox agreed. Before the Ox could touch the other side of the river the rat jumped off first and was declared the first of the zodiac. Clever and smart are attributed to the Rat. Your Secret friend is the Ox. Your Allies are the Dragon and Monkey. Your challenge is the Horse

Where to Place it: The Peach Blossom zodiac for the Pig, rabbit, and Sheep/Goat.  Place the Rat in the North of your home

Product Dimensions: H 5 cm x W 5cm x D 4cm         Weight: 60g

Happy Feng Shui"ing

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