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Wulou Keyring

Wulou Keyring

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Wulou Keyring       #13

Description: Wu Lou Gold colour metal material   Boxed
Feng Shui Meaning: Traditionally used in Feng Shui to remedy the qi of the #2. illness Flying Star. The Wulou represents - protection against the negative illness Qi. The Wulou legend is that in China hundreds of years ago the Calabash was used to carry medicine for the unwell. The top would be cut off and the inside made into a paste and medicine. This medicine was given to the person and then the empty vessel was placed beside the person in bed to absorb the negative illness Qi. You may like to consult with a Feng Shui consultant to be sure of where this energy is coming into your space.

Where to Place it: The key-ring can be added to your keys, hung in your car or on your handbag.
Product Dimensions: Boxed: H3cm x W.6.5cm x D. 4.5cm   Keyring: 8.5 long Wulou: 2x2cm            Weight: 52g

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