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Wealth Pig Money Box

Wealth Pig Money Box

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Wealth Pig Money Box (Small)         #46

Description: Wealth Pig Money Box Chinese Zodiac Pigs. 

Bronze colour and made from a resin material with gold resin coins around the back.
Feng Shui Meaning:  Known to be achievers, no matter what is in front of them they will get through it to reach the goal. What better symbol to have when wealth creating is our Wealth Pig. Their allies are the Goat and Rabbit The conflict zodiac is said to be the Snake as they are quite similar. Their secret friend is said to be the Tiger.

Where to Place it: Place in the living area or in your Southeast of your home or business.

Product Dimensions: Height 22cm x Width 24cm x Depth 27cmx

Weight 1.572 kgs

Happy Feng Shui"ing

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