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Tsi Shen - Money God

Tsi Shen - Money God

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Tsi Shen Money God on Throne         #99

Description: (Small/Bronze Resin)
Feng Shui Meaning: The king of wealth luck, one of the most popular wealth gods. China is one country that has a God related to abundance and is always in most homes. Holding gold ingots for wealth, wearing a Dragon design robe for courage, and success. Displaying this wealth god is said to bring protection for your financial life.

Where to Place it: Best place to display in front of the entrance door. Place on a small stand, off the floor facing toward the door. This is a very large Tsi Shen so if in an office place you could place on your desk if you have the room or a stand facing the entry door, For retail space place near or on the counter or again on a stand near the front entrance to welcome the wealth.
Product Dimensions: H. 11.5cm x W. 5.5cm x 5cm       Weight: 252g

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