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Pagoda 8 Elements

Pagoda 8 Elements

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Pagoda 5 Element 

Description: Pagoda 5 Element
Feng Shui Meaning: Following the 5 elements for health and well-being, start at the bottom with earth –soil from the north of your home before the Chinese New Year starts, then metal – 6 coins. Protects from negative influences and brings wealth.
Where to Place it: Place in the North area of the #5 flying star for the year. Place in an area where you work or sit often.
Product Dimensions: Height 15cm x Width 4cm x Depth 4 cm

Weight - 316g

Happy Feng Shui'ing!

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Rose Migliorisi (romigli_4)
One of the nicest one I've seen

My client was very happy with it.

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