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Buddha Hanger

Buddha Hanger

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Buddha Hanger            #41

Description: Buddha Hanger - Medallion made from a yellow resin material
Feng Shui Meaning: Buddha the enlightened one and the knowledgeable one. Reminds us to let go of that which no longer serves us and to follow a more gentle open path of kindness.

The Laughing Buddha is said to remind us of auspicious luck with happiness. A full and rounded joyful Buddha - from the abundance and harmony based on the historical Hotei who is said to be the future Buddha.  He is said to reflect the appearance of the current laughing Buddha and as a monk thousands of years ago with a generous zen nature.

Where to Place it: Place near a mediation space or you can place in any area of your spaces where you would like to increase the earth element if working with the 5 elements of Feng shui

Product Dimensions: Hanger 37cm. long. Buddha Medallion - 6cm x 4.5cm.

Weight : 67g

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