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Four Celestial Guardians Set

Four Celestial Guardians Set

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The Four Celestials/Guardians          #109-146-145-109a-2

Description:  (Black Tortoise, White Tiger, Green Dragon, Red Phoenix) 
Feng Shui Meaning: Referred to as the  "Four Guardians", "Four Gods" or "Four Celestials"  When working with the Form School of Feng Shui we look at the and forms and buildings surrounding your home. The Green Dragon (yang energy) is on the Eastern side and is higher than the White Tiger (yin energy)on the Western side. The Black Tortoise is best as a large round mountain or tree line higher than your home. The Red Phoenix represents the North or front of your home and can be a river or roadway flowing past your home.  If you have another home in front of you is should be lower than your home.
Where to Place it: Use the Four Celestial Animals to assist in having the right energy for your home should you not have the land forms to support your energy.
Product Dimensions: total weight of all 4 :   664g


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