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Lakshmi with 2 Elephants

Lakshmi with 2 Elephants

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Lakshmi          #14

Description: Lakshmi with 2 Elephants
Feng Shui Meaning: Is the consort of the god Vishnu and represents prosperity and love.  Lakshmi is a Hindu Goddess. Lakshmi is said to carry the energy of life in her hands including Artha, Moksha, Dharma and Kama. She is one of the most popular goddesses of Hindu mythology and is known as the goddess of wealth, luck and good fortune. Elephants with raised trunks - The Elephants represent protection. A powerful protector. Used to protect bringing wisdom and peace.
Where to Place it: Used in Flying Stars Feng Shui as protection #7, against burglaries, ill will and actions that disrupt.
Product Dimensions: H 16.5 m x W13.5cm x D 4.5 cm.        Weight - 692g

Happy Feng Shui'ing!

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