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Elephants with Apples Set of 2

Elephants with Apples Set of 2

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Elephant With Apples Set of 2    #43 LAST ONE

Description: Elephants with Apple each (Set of 2) (Light Blue resin material
Feng Shui Meaning:  A powerful Feng Shui traditional protector bringing wisdom and peace. Feng Shui flying star tool said to be used to symbolize protection when working with the energy of the Flying Stars #7, against burglaries, ill will and actions that disrupt. Elephant with a lowered trunk, used for protection and nurturing. Combine these elephants to represent the perfect blend of harmony and strength. Apple represents peace and abundance.
Where to Place it: Place together in the family or living room.  If you know your Bagua then place where the Flying Star #7 is located.
Product Dimensions: Each Elephant - H 43cm x W 31cm X D 9cm.

Weight: 7.072 kg (box set)

Happy Feng Shui'ing

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