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Dragon Celestial Animal

Dragon Celestial Animal

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 Dragon (Medium/Red Resin)         #122

Description:  Dragon (Medium/Red Resin)
Feng Shui Meaning: Dragons are strong symbols and yang energy. They are great for areas in your life that require support of strength, courage, protection, enthusiasm, and prosperity. The best location for them is the East. The East represents the Dragon side of your home and the Yang energy you will have within your home. When you place your Dragon before you put him in his spot, say your intentions you wish the Dragon to bring for you and then dot each eye with a red pen to set those intentions.
Where to Place it: Place on your desk on the left-hand side or the Eastern side of your desk.. Place on the right-hand side of entry or shelf in the living area.
Product Dimensions:  H10.5cm  x W14.5cm  x  D6.5cm         Weight: 324g

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