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2023 Workshop Series Mundubbera Qld - Planning Your Year Ahead -2023 Feng Shui Calendar

2023 Workshop Series Mundubbera Qld - Planning Your Year Ahead -2023 Feng Shui Calendar

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We are heading your way Mundubbera and cannot wait to share this event with you @Jerakala Beef and Farm-stay Mundubbera Queensland for a series of Short Workshops.

"Join me in this EASY to follow short workshop series, where I support you to navigate your Feng shui Journey"

This is a very simple Feng Shui Calendar - yet effective method to start changing the energy and Qi movement for you and how to access and utilize your HUMAN QI.  We will work through how your Calendar can support you and help you to navigate the year that is ahead giving you your most auspicious days.

Learn to work with your personal energy and that of the year ahead.
With a few SIMPLE and ☺️EASY adjustments to the energy you engage each day, plus your Human Qi you can start to TRANSFORM HOW you LIVE WORK AND PLAY this year.

What your Calendar will show you is:
The Days that are our Year Breakers
Days that we want to be aware of the energy and keep things a little quieter.
Days that will give you extra support and opportunities
Most auspicious days- days that bring you success
Best day to meet with important people
Days for letting go of things people and anything that you need to release
Best days for clearing and releasing the energy in your home.
Plus so much more.

This is your year to plan your most auspicious days to get things happening and to find those lower quieter days to recharge and replenish.

Cannot wait to join you in creating a plan on how to control the year ahead and the energy of that year.

You will be given your Calendar on the day to work with me and the energy that is coming for this Year of the Rabbit 2023.

It is about:
  • Finding your Personal and Business support days for creating awesome outcomes.
  • Finding your Best days for Health and Well being
  • We will talk about your personal CHINESE ZODIAC  and the year that is coming - how to be aware and find those auspicious energies in your personal chart.
  • We will talk about the people you will find most helpful this year and will show your how to find your Nobles and Supporters in 2023 and who they are.

JOYOUS ABUNDANCE and HARMONY energy - in all that you have wanted to come your way. We will turn YOU into A PERSON you have been wanting to create and how to move more in BALANCE in 2023.

We will bring HARMONY and BALANCE to YOU, and HOW TO MANAGE the people within AROUND YOU.
Cost: $79.00 - if you are one of our Very Special People and attended last time make sure you use your VSP CODE WHEN YOU GET TO THE CHECK OUT.

WORKSHOP LEVEL:  This workshop is for Beginners or those wanting to add to their skills on their Feng Shui journey. If you have been a part of our workshops in February already then this is the one that will bring it all together and get you channeling your HUMAN QI into 2023 along with your FENG SHUI CALENDAR.
Know what days are the days that will bring you the energy you are needing to use and those days that you need to go slow or take time out on.  

LOCATION: Jerakala Beef and Farm-stay - 20034 Burnett Hwy,
Mundubbera, Queensland, Australia 4626

DATE: 23rd April

TIME:  9am to 12.00pm

Morning Tea will be provided and coffee and tea throughout the day.    

CAR PARKING:  You will find parking available with plenty of car parking spaces.

We will be working with a SIMPLE but EFFECTIVE method of your Chinese Zodiac and your Human Qi.
A workbook and Calendar will be provided along with some special surprises.


When you have your space ELEMENTS,  ENERGY & HARMONY working for you – you will see more opportunities, find mentors and wise ones who will support you through those opportunities. But when you get access to your 2023 Personal Year Calendar and combine that with your Human Qi you have some awesome energy waiting for you in 2023.

Want to know more? Join me in person in this LIVE Workshop, so we can get your FENG SHUI JOURNEY started.

"Join me in this easy started WORKSHOP SERIES in Mundubbera in April.

Happy Feng Shui ing
~ Leanne Carius
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