2022 Water Tiger Annual Living Spaces Review (Onsite)

2022 Water Tiger Annual Living Spaces Review (Onsite)

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Welcome to the Year of the Water Tiger 2022 Annual Review Onsite in your living space.

I am looking forward to supporting you in your home energy and how to ensure the energy of 2022 is supporting you, your home, and your harmony.

I will review your home Annuals Chart for you and locations that you need to be cautious of – the best working spaces and any other questions you have in our Hour together on our zoom call.

I will share with you and update the energy in your living spaces including:

  • The best place to gather with friend and family this year
  • Where to find your wealth energy and expand your finances
  • If you work from home which space is going to support you and your work, where do you find mentors and helpful people
  • How to bring in opportunities for success and growth
  • Which area is going to support your knowledge and wisdom growth for 2022
  • Needing a space for awesome conversations then let me share with you where and how these will work best this year.
  • Which areas are best kept quiet with no renovations so that we do not offend the Grand Duke
  • How to remedy energy that is not aligned to you or for your best self.
  • Where to place your remedies and enhancers, the elements that are the best to use.
  • I also give time at the end for any questions that are important for you to have answered.

We will go through all this in our 1:1 session via zoom and there will be a recording for you as well.  I will leave you your home Bagua and all notes from our session together.

What is included in the 1 hour session with me:

  • 1 x Onsite visit with me in your living space.
  • Copy of the plan you have sent us with the Annuals Bagua placement,  including any notes from me.
  • Product voucher to get your started on your Feng Shui journey
  • Invitation and special offer to join our Feng Shui and More Membership Group
  • Invitation to join our Feng Shui and More Facebook group
  • Invitation to join our weekly newsletter that keeps you up to date on the changing energy throughout the year, and includes offers only for our VIP Newsletter family.
  • Please Note: there is no full written report with this product.  You may choose to have a Complete Written Report and the cost of this product will be deducted from the full price of the written report for you.
  • Please note also that travel in included if you live within the Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay Regional Area and Brisbane North.  I am happy to provide a quote to any additional travel should you live outside of these areas. Simply email us at hello@fengshuistoreandmore.com

 What I need from you:

  • A copy of the plan to  your home we are reviewing.  The more accurate this plan is the better your Bagua reading.
  • The exact address of the property we are reviewing
  • When was your home built?

How You can book:

Once you have purchased your session with me you will be sent an email linked to my diary and you can choose a day and time that works for you. 

Should you need any further assistance please email our office on hello@fengshuistoreandmore.com our office hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm AEST. 

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