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Three Legged Coin Frog Small

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Three Legged Coin Frog on hex base with coin       #4

Description: Three Legged Coin Frog with coin on Hex Base  (Small/ Red Resin)
Feng Shui Meaning: Popular Feng Shui item based on the wealth drawing auspicious creature said to represent wealth, to increase abundance, wealth & prosperity. Also known as The Moon Frog. It has been said that when it was time to harvest the Moon Frog would appear and the more frogs the better the harvest, leading to more wealth. Harvest Moon Coin Frog - in China during the Harvest Moon a festival is held,  When the harvest season on it is the same time of year the moon frogs appear.  It is seen as a sign of prosperity. Hence why the Moon Frog is associated with wealth coming into your home.
Where to Place it: Place near the front door, facing in, as though the frog is bringing coins of good fortune inside.
Product Dimensions: H. 7.5cm x W.10.5cm x D. 9.5cm.        Weight 347g