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Buddha with Dragon, Wulou and Yuan Boa Extra Large

Buddha with Dragon, Wulou and Yuan Boa Extra Large

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Buddha (Gold coloured resin / XLarge)        #53      

Description: Laughing Buddha, Jovial, loving, and joyousA full and rounded joyful Buddha. He has a Dragon wrapped around his shoulders. He is the bringer of abundance in all areas of our lives.

He brings awareness to our intentions around success, health, wealth, and abundance for all those within the living and working environment he is placed in. The Laughing Buddha is said to bring us auspicious luck with happiness.

The Laughing Buddha is said to remind us of auspicious luck with happiness. A full and rounded joyful Buddha - from the abundance and harmony based on the historical Hotei who is said to be the future Buddha.  He is said to reflect the appearance of the current laughing Buddha and as a monk thousands of years ago with a generous zen nature.

A well rounded Buddha was said to have abundance, carrying his Wulou for wellness.

The Wulou means - protection to reduce the elements of unwellness Qi.

The Wulou legend is that in China hundreds of years ago the Calabash was used to carry medicine for the unwell. The top would be cut off and the inside made into a paste and medicine. This medicine was given to the person and then the empty vessel was placed beside the person in bed to absorb the negative illness Qi.

Protects against the Flying Star energy #2.

He has a Dragon wrapped around his shoulders for courage, support and success. 

Feng Shui Meaning: Jovial, loving, and joyous.

Where to Place it: Perfect for that someone who you find hard to buy for and excellent for a center piece at home or in the office.

Product Dimensions: Height 38cm x Width 35cm Depth 28cm

Weight 4.8kgs


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