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Wulou Black Beaded Hanger

Wulou Black Beaded Hanger

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 Wulou Black Beaded Hanger                #5

Description: Hanger Black Beads with a Black Wulou & black Beads
Feng Shui Meaning: Wuluo Ancient Chinese remedy for unwellness Qi. The coin is removable and open at the top. . The Wulou means - protection against the negative illness Qi. The Wulou legend is that in China hundreds of years ago the Calabash was used to carry medicine for the unwell. The top would be cut off and the inside made into a paste and medicine. This medicine was given to the person and then the empty vessel was placed beside the person in bed to absorb the negative illness Qi. Protects against the Flying Star energy #2.

Where to Place it: Place or hang in this area, especially if you have a bedroom or front door in this area.
Product Dimensions: Hanger: 27.5cm    Wulou: 2cm x 2cm   Weight 152g

Happy Feng Shui"ing

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