Zodiac – Chinese Feng Shui Box Set


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Peach Blossom Zodiac for Romance and Business Success
Chinese Zodiac Peach Blossom Zodiac Placement Colour Feng Shui Element
Snake, Rooster, Ox Horse South Red Fire
Monkey, Rat, Dragon Rooster West Gold Metal
Pig, Rabbit, Goat Rat North Blue Water
Tiger, Horse, Dog Rabbit East Green Wood

In stock


Animal Sign Allies Secret Friend Challenge Zodiac
 Rat Dragon, Monkey Ox Horse
Ox  Snake, Rooster Rat Goat
Tiger Horse, Dog Pig Monkey
Rabbit Goat, Pig Dog Rooster
Dragon Rat, Monkey Rooster Dog
Snake Ox, Rooster Monkey Pig
Horse Tiger, Dog Goat Rat
Goat/Sheep Rabbit, Pig Horse Ox
Monkey Rat, Dragon Snake Tiger
Rooster Ox, Snake Dragon Rabbit
Dog Tiger, Horse Rabbit Dragon
Pig/Boar Rabbit, Goat Tiger Snake

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