2022 Membership (VSP)



A year of flow and growth when we use the right energy of our spaces.

Welcome to our Inner Feng Shui Circle

I am so excited to share this with you first. As one of my Very Special Clients you get to check out our new membership for 2022. Changing Qi - The Inner Feng Shui Circle is a space for inspired conversations and products.
A space that is all about harmonising our environmental energy.

A space that is about healing not only our own energy but that of our families, homes, and environments.

A space for transformation, clarity, certainty, and confidence for both Home, Mind and Spirit.

As a VSP CLIENT we offer you The Inner Circle!

👉 Access to the recording of the 2022 Year of the Water Tiger Webinar  - 90minutes

👉 1 x Weekly - Ask Leanne Anything (ALA) Live interactive session in our Private Facebook Group-  Changing Qi - The Inner Feng Shui Circle.

👉 1 x  Monthly Live Bagua and Zodiac update in our Private Facebook Group - Changing Qi - The Inner Feng Shui Circle.

👉 1 x Monthly -  How to Feng Shui Webinar - live interactive 1:1 with Leanne

Discount offers to our workshops throughout the year.

👉 BONUS - 2022 Bagua Chart Template to overlay on your home or business space.

👉 BONUS: Copy of Leanne's 2022 Year of the Water Tiger eBook (download)

👉  We know how great it is to have someone also on their Feng Shui journey with you so we are going to gift you a code to share with a Bestie.  They simple follow the links and add this code at checkout.  Make sure they look after their code as it can only be used once. 

Originally $197.00AUD for the year our special offer to you is only $97.00AUD