We practice the art of “Environment Qi”.  Feng Shui means Wind and Water and the flow Qi represents and how this energy can move through you internally, and your space. An ancient Chinese belief that the direction your home is facing, the period your house or office is built, not simply just the way that you arrange objects affects the energy flow supporting your success, health, and happiness. We work with  Classical Compass Feng Shui, 8 Mansions, 5 elements, and the energy of the Bagua to bring you, your best Qi, and environment where you will live, work and play.



CEO, Directors and Management support and re-balance of your office environments creating strong, successful working spaces that allow for growth within the company you own or are running.

Each Staff member –  a Desk for Success

A personal Kua number calculation for their best performance directions

  • Best Team directions
  • Best successful working directions
  • Best communication directions. Best communication locations with other staff members and Management for effective working relationships

Location of each staff member desk

  • Directions of the desk for top performance
  • How to rework the desktop for peak performance
  • We look at the overall layout of the floor plan they are working within and the elements that are in the environment

We recommend  changes that could be made to improve the overall office performance and working environments

  • This would assist with better communication outcomes within the office
  • Create a working environment that your staff and managers want to succeed in
  • Success and wealth growth

We also assist in the implementation and transition of the Business Re-Balance to the environment when required.

This service works well also for Home Business Operators.

Retail Recharge

Turn your store into a destination that customers want to visit and purchase your products or services.

No matter what your product or service is  we can create a store that produces the bottom line results any Retail Owner or Manager would love to see.

Capturing your wealth

  • Create a retail store for abundance
  • The ideal retail layout
  • Retail layout overhaul and business breakthrough
  • Personalised staff Qi energy for greater results within your business
  • Intention and Mindset Re-Balance

Assessing a Building for Private Use

Eight ways of looking at life with Feng Shui

  • Welcoming Gateways
  • Emotional Cleansing
  • Your Home Energy Chart including
    • Children and Families
    • Health and Abundance
    • Creativity and Knowledge
    • Marriage and Relationships
    • Career and Success
    • Wisdom and Spiritual Support
  • The Pleasure Principle
  • Creating a home for positive relationships and abundance including your family Kua numbers – family members and your connections
  • Beautiful Space Clearing and Home Blessings Ceremony


We work with you to change your home Environmental Qi of abundance, health, and great relationships that you are currently living in or before your construction, renovation or garden designs begin.

We will work with you and your builder to bring all the elements and positive Qi energy into your home before you start your build.  Even before you buy your block of land. We work closely with Justin from Carius Homes a well respected local registered builder, to ensure your house truly becomes your home.  Justin knows our services and ensures that your home is exactly how you need it to be. It is not rare for us to be throughout your new home while under construction when we work with a builder who encourages a house to become your beautiful home.

Mood Board Creations: Working with your house plans we can design and create the colours, textures, and ranges that work for you and your home following the principles of Feng Shui. We work closely with the builder and trades to ensure that each design is met along the way.

Already in your home but need help to change a few things then we are the experts. Having an extensive team of qualified excellent trades working with us to bring positive energy into your home and help you make the changes that are needed to create a successful home in all areas of your life.

Home Design for abundance and Qi is a specialty.

We also work closely with Michael from Micco’s Earthmoving, Landscaping & Supplies for gardens that complement exactly the style and Qi you require in your home or office. Creating harmony and balance. Zen gardens are the perfect complement to your home or office space.

Our team will work with you through each step. We can help you start the process or work with you to the end result. Flexible options are available.

Need help Selling your home or Buying a property – Feng Shui is a fantastic tool to help you seize the opportunities that you have and secure just the perfect outcome every time. Leanne has been 100 % successful in having properties sold within her client’s time-frames some within days.

Circles for Healing Emotional Grief.

Leanne holds regular circles for women who have lost a significant partner in their life and are looking for a way to connect to others who can help with the “WHY” they are feeling the way they do.

Women looking for a safe and private space to share their grief with others of a similar age. There are no right or wrong ways to handle the grief that you are experiencing but this is a way to connect to other women who will share hints, tips and a listening ear for you to express the emotions that you have. It is a safe place of no judgement as all women have experienced the loss of their partner and loved one.

The women within these circles form new friendships and a gentle understanding of ways to help move beyond the deep grief and release the emotions that no longer serve them. It is a safe space to feel all emotions including the emotion of anger which is often seen as taboo for many who are dealing with grief.

A lovely morning tea ( we each bring a plate to share)  is served to complete the circle.

Leanne also offers 1 on 1 private clearing sessions working with the method of Timeline Therapy☻ which assists us to clear emotions that are stored on a more cellular level within our body and make it difficult for us to move forward.

Please contact Leanne on her Calendar for a FREE Qi Chat to find out more and see if this is something that may help you.


The Cardboard Detox – Space and Clutter Clearing

Specialists in the “Cardboard Detox” clearing and reorganisation of your surroundings, providing emotional support for the energy changes being cleared and uncovering the beliefs around why you cannot Detox on your own.

We will work with you over a long or short period and before we begin we consult with you on the perfect Detox plan for you and your requirements.

We also provide workshops in the “Cardboard Detox” which  give you the confidence to start working on your own. We do not believe that minimal is the answer but that Qi energy needs room to flow and bring us our highest good. You many want to check out Leanne’s book “Becoming Intentional – Empowering YOur Organising Mindset”.

We want to support you in being the Qi Flow in your home and be able to meander through from front to back touching all the rooms in your home and bringing with it Abundance, Health and Great Relationships.  We will support your every step to acheiving the new intentions you are setting for you home.

We also provide a beautiful Space Clearing and Home Blessing once you have completed this process for your home and yourself.

Personal Feng Shui Prescription

Including Kua Number and how that works for you, including your Chinese Astrology Friends and Foes.

Personal Bazi Charts also available.

Transition of Life Journey

Home and Personal energy map work for those preparing for dying.

Having successful worked with many clients on their homes and personal changes, Leanne began to receive requests from clients to assist them in preparing for their next Life Journey.

Working with her clients  Leanne  developed a philosophy centered around a unique understanding for those clients who may be working towards end of life or have a member of their family in this position.

Helping  clients to transition, including working with several friends and her own dad, through the techniques she has developed, releasing  areas of their energy map around themselves, family, friends and their homes.

Methods include space clearing and decluttering processes, mindfulness and journey clearing, “My Music” and “My Story” specific to each individual person and their situation.

Working with each client on any personal clearing that they may need.  Leanne’s unique understanding of energy and her intuitive energy ability helps her to understand these needs on a deeper level, clearing necessary energy and releasing fear.

Leanne also holds Circles for Clearing Emotional Grief – please contact her for more information.

Leanne works with a beautiful empathy, and a gentle firmness  when required,  in your own relaxed, private and secure environment.

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Our Costs

30-minute phone or Skype update or question time – $97

 Home Energy Check-In (In-person) – 90mins – $257

Home Energy Check-In  (1-hour Zoom call with you) – $197

Personal Bazi Chart $187

Timeline Therapy ™ Session – 90 mins – $147

Past Life Regression Session – 90 mins – $147

The amount of time required varies for home and business consultations,

I am happy to provide a quote for the following:

  • Home Building Design, Planning Session (including 1 hour with you)
  •  Residential Home Prescription including written report
  •  Business Consultation including written report
  • Transition Life Journey – Home and Personal energy map work

Space Clearing and Home Blessings

 I also provide an initial FREE 30-minute consultation via phone or zoom to see where we can help you.

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We will require material provided before consultations and we will email you those requirements once our consultation is booked with you.

Interstate and International requests welcome.

We work with your schedule and can Zoom or Skype for a personal experience.

All costs include travel within a 50km radius of Elimbah CBD.

Travel outside of this radius may incur further costs @ $50 per hour

A Deposit is required prior to commencing any work or home visit.

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