How did we make 35 years

Celebrating 35 years of marriage  Today I celebrate 35 years of marriage with Rob.
35 represents “Something Green” so this year we opted for taking a weekend retreat to the Hinterland and surrounding ourselves with beautiful green mountains, trees, water and serene nature.

One thing that I always get asked is – OMG how did you manage that?

Well a lot of things really.

We have certainly had moments where I was not sure we would actually make it to the next day but then we are so lucky that we have had more days that have been awesome and worth every single moment we have shared.

35years of marriage- wood elements 

Rob is Yin Wood and I am Yang Wood which helps us to use both our Yin and Yang energy blended with the strengths of our chart. While one of us is strong and grounded the other is more flexible and able to adapt more easily.

Hmm if you know us you will be able to guess which is which haha.

The other thing that I know is that we also know our Bazi Chart – our strengths, weaknesses and how we communicate to connect.

We also know where we have challenges and clashes and that we need to be more aware of each other during those moments.

feng shui store and more becoming intentional events

Feng shui store and more 35 years of marriage

  Rob was enjoying supporting the rural communities we passed through making sure he had his supply snacks well stocked.

Plenty of jams, cheese, famous donuts, mouses and his ice cream.

I got to add to my tea cosy collection with a lovely little green cosy which I just love and even better I met the beautiful lady who made it which always adds an extra touch to it.

I even got to finish a book from my beautiful friend that she gave to me 12 months ago to read – I was so excited to read it with Rob as we have been planing to travel but that’s a story for another day.

If you would like to know your Bazi Chart and that of your partner for harmony and understanding then click this link  and book your two Bazi Charts normally $187 each – but for this week they will be only $147 each. That’s a saving of $80.00.

Happy Anniversary and here is looking toward the next journey we have.

“Act as young as you feel. You’re not getting older; you’re getting more entitled to be your fabulous self.”