Feng Shui Starter Pack for Year of the Pig 2019

2019 Year of the Earth Pig

Symbolised Luck.

Pig Secret Friend is Tiger

Allied friends are Sheep and Rabbit

Pigs make great friends, loyal and easy going and very smart

The last Zodiac of the Chinese Zodiac Cycle

Chinese custom is it is lucky for a pig to come into your house as this indicates wealth coming to you.

Happy Feng Shui ing


Jovial, loving and joyous.

He is the bringer of abundance in all areas of our lives.

He brings to us success, health, wealth and abundance for all those within the living and working environment he is placed in.

The Laughing Buddha is said to bring us auspicious luck with happiness.

Happy Feng Shui ing

Wu Luo

Ancient Chinese cure for illness energy

To protect the health of someone who is already unwell place next to your bed.

Protects against the #2energy.

Chi energy of illness in 2019 coming to the North East.

Place or hang in this area.

Happy Feng Shui ing


Yellow – Earth


Symbolise Prosperity

Place in the South West in 2019

Happy Feng Shui ing

Dragon Tortoise

Defends against evil.

When placed in a fortune position it can bring more fortune especially in the north.

Is also good in the West of your home in 2019

The water position governs the talks and words, when in this position can help settle wordy problems, strengthen popularity.

Happy Feng Shui ing


Powerful talisman of good luck to ward off Sha Chi (evil spirits, negative influences disharmony).

The Trigrams of the Ba Gua form a perfect match representing universal harmony.

Hang above the front door or in a window facing out.

2019 Place on any windows or doors facing the South West.  Must be located on the outside of the home.

Happy Feng Shui ing


A pair of Mandarin Ducks are keeping love alive.

They are ancient symbols of conjugal happiness.

The Mandarin Ducks mate for life and become very attached to one another.

According to Chinese geomancy, the area is in the South West, but in 2019 romance is in the North

Happy Feng Shui ing


Set of 3.

Set of 3 coins can be placed in your wallet, purse or handbag.

Place them on your invoice books and anywhere money is coming into your home or business.

They are ancient symbols of prosperity and abundance.

Happy Feng Shui ing


Dragons are strong symbols and yang energy.

They are great for areas in your life that require strength, courage, protection, enthusiasm, and prosperity.

The best location for them is in the East.

Happy Feng Shui ing


Place the Red String of 3 coins in the South for this year to enhance the Romance and Creativity area of your home.

Be careful how much red you bring into this area when You do not know your Home Bagua Map.

Happy Feng Shui ing


The small gold ingot is a replica of the ancient Chinese ingot.

This symbolises abundance and an easy life.

Place in the center of your home or business or on your desk.

Represents Wealth.

Happy Feng Shui ing

Double Happiness

This Chinese character represents love and marital bliss.

Hang on the bedroom door.

Happy Feng Shui ing
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