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🏮🐂🏮*Are you ready to bring the best out of your home for 2021?
Get your home ready for the year of the Golden Ox ~ 🏮🐂🏮
Join me in my Webinar to help you navigate the year ahead, learn how to create and take action to make 2021 work for you.
I am going to share with you:
* How to prepare the best areas of your home and how to harness the energy you have there.
* The areas that are the most favourable in 2021, especially if you have an office at home.
* Where to avoid if you have trouble with your health and if you cannot avoid it how you can manage that.
* Working from home – or if you have a business office outside the home. Where is the best location for you to be facing and where should you place your desk in 2021

I will also share with you how the Year of the Ox is going to bring about our recovery and the overall energy for the year.

You do not want to become too stuck in your ways and stubborn or you will find all your energy is getting you nowhere.

You need to be a little flexible with the strength of the Ox.

Hardworking is the key to 2021 and the Ox is one of the hardest working animals in the zodiac.

This year will require consistent hard work, so we want to work smarter, the rewards will be bountiful for you.

You will also need to ask this year.

You will need to seek out wiser people that you know who will give you the support you need in 2021.

Gather your elders, older mentors, and those that you respect to give you guidance and knowledge – you then apply for the work, and the world is your oyster.

Cannot wait to join you in this fun and interactive webinar.

Let’s get prepared for 2021 and the energy that it has in store for us.

You will receive an email shortly with all the details for the day and what I need you to prepare before you attend the webinar, not too much to prepare but the more prepared we are the more you are going to get from this webinar.  Your workbook for this webinar will be sent in an email the day before we start.

Happy Feng Shui’ing Leanne

Normal price $159 but for the first 10 to buy their ticket for a 2021 hot seat, you’ll pay just $49!!!!!!!!
What you receive:
🏮3-hour zoom webinar
🏮 workbook
🏮 Feng Shui toolbox to enhance the good Qi & cure the negative Qi of your home
🏮 Break-out sessions to consolidate & identify room challenges
🏮Preparation worksheet to complete before you join the webinar
Can’t wait to see you on Sunday 7th February 2021 AEST to really make a difference in your life!


Tickets are not available as this event has passed.